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Say hello to InSite

We’re giving job specs a revamp for the digital age.

With InSite, candidates can experience enhanced client campaigns that go way beyond what a traditional job spec is capable of, providing a unique insight for candidates into their future work environment.

Custom Branding


InSite campaigns are a visual treat to the eye, featuring fresh themes with custom colour palettes, imagery and content.

Bringing employer branding into the fore while demonstrating our clients’ value proposition to candidates, InSite gives companies a new way of telling their story.

Interactive Tiles


Job details are delivered in bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest and browse through. Tap on specially-designed content areas and they flip to reveal more information on the reverse.

From interactive maps of the client sites to dynamic content that stretches and adapts to fit the candidate’s device, InSite delivers a new user experience for the digital-savvy job seeker.

Show even more with video


Video gives gives candidates a real look inside the workplace, showing what it would really be like to work together.

This could be an overview of the team, the company showreel, an interview with a member of staff or the management team – you name it! Video enables companies to show their true personality and engage with job seekers in a way that you never could before.