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Go for gold!

Go for gold!

August 14, 2012

As an avid rugby fan the most interest I have ever had previously in the Games was the Olympic breakfast at the local café which had everything you require from bacon to a double round of toast. It really is a belly busting gold breakfast! However, London 2012 was to change my mind set as I cheered on our fantastic athletes in everything from rowing to dressage. The true passion, grit and determination of each participant has put the ‘Great’ back into Britain as they exceeded all expectations and got the country rocking to the athletic beat.

This success doesn’t just happen. It is something that has been worked for, hours and hours of endless training, sacrifices made and targets to achieve and it got me thinking about how the Olympics is a great way in which we should all be aspiring in our respective organisations and roles.

The argument is ‘I am already committed, professional and strive to do my best’ and I am not doubting this and even wear the same hat myself, but it has made me think – do we actually set our plan for success, do we know our roadmap that is ultimately going to allow us to achieve ‘Gold’ in our chosen profession? Does Mo Farrah really run 20 miles on his first training session? Of course he doesn’t – it’s something that he built up to over a set training period with smaller goals and targets to achieve along the way.

So how do we achieve that ‘gold medal’ in business, and what does it look like? In my mind it is quite simple; the gold medal could be anything you want it to be, that promotion you don’t think you could get, a project that you have been working on or even that career move that is the next step up. I firmly believe there is no pre-defined route and what may work for one person might not for another, but it comes down to planning and hard work.

In my own personal experiences I have analysed where I am right now, where I want to be and what things I need to do differently to get there. I set myself personal daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals and link it back to things that I want to achieve in my personal life that will motivate me to work harder, and smarter, to get the things I want.

I guess in a nutshell I am saying that if you want to be the next Jessica Ennis or Mo Farrah of the business world, then don’t let the opportunity pass you by. There has never been a better time than right now to set your goals – work hard to achieve, and go for gold.

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Go for gold!

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