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Google integrates Google+ into job search and applications

Google integrates Google+ into job search and applications

January 25, 2013

By Ross Coverdale

Google have recently introduced Google+ integration into their recruitment site, and while this may seem like their way of trying to shoehorn their own social platform into yet another corner of the Google universe, in some ways it does add real value.

When users navigate to job listings, they will be presented with a prompt to ‘enable Google+’ – if they are already signed in, a blaring blue bar appears towards the top reading ‘Hi there! We can use your Google+ profile information to help you find relevant jobs and connections at Google’.

Google+ integration offers a few added benefits to Google's job listings page.

The idea of this is that Google will use information from your profile to tailor search results, in theory making your search easier and faster. Also, you can star favourites to create a shortlist which works in the same way you can star emails in Gmail.

Google+ integration doesn’t stop at search though. Users can also apply for roles using their profile, whereby Google+ pre-populates the application form with your personal details and employment history, making the application process faster.

Personally, I don’t see this gaining significant traction outside of Google’s own job site. Google+ still doesn’t have close to the number of active users as other mainstream social media platforms, but more importantly, LinkedIn has the ‘professional network’ advantage over them all. We use Apply with LinkedIn on our own website, and since launching our re-brand last year we have found that it is being used increasingly more often. One-click applications are tipped to become ubiquitous in the online job search domain in the near future, but the question remains – which platform will prevail?

Even if Google+ integration ends up as a Google-only feature, it’s still a really interesting way of using personal data intelligently to engage with users, and it shows that social platforms are becoming increasingly more prevalent in recruitment.

What do you think? If you were to apply for a job using social media integration would you choose Google+, LinkedIn, or even Facebook?


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Google integrates Google+ into job search and applications

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