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Injuries and two draws from teams down under (UPDATED).

Injuries and two draws from teams down under (UPDATED).

June 7, 2012

We’ve got a quick update from our football superstar out in Bangkok!

On Monday, in their first game with New Zealand, they drew 2-2. Neil is convinced that Scotland should have won, though a penalty was lost with just 3 minutes to go.

In their second game yesterday they played Australia in unbearable heat. The game was a bit dirtier than the match against New Zealand, with one player from each team being sent off, and the Scotland captain ended up with ten stitches in his leg!

The last game in their group is against Iran (who have eight previous World Cup players in their team) and they need to beat them to qualify for the knockout stages.

Needless to say we wish Neil and the Scotland team the very best of luck, and we hope there aren’t any more injuries!

UPDATE: Aaaand the dream is over.

The Scotland team’s last chance to get through to the knockout stages was hindered yesterday when up against Iran and their NINE ex-international players (we said eight before, but turns out they had another one up their sleeve). Neil and his comrades were ultimately defeated 5–1. He simply put it that “they were just too good”!

However, the fun isn’t over in Bangkok for our Senior World Cup team, as they have one more game today to play for the Shield, and then we’re sure they’ll finish off their stint with a  party or two before returning home.

Nevertheless, they had a decent run, so we say well done chaps!

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Injuries and two draws from teams down under (UPDATED).

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