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Let’s talk about money.

Let’s talk about money.

June 22, 2012

Today’s industry commentary is from our senior consultant Kevin Renton.

Culturally, discussing salary has been a taboo subject since time began – or so it seems in the UK anyway.

Ask yourself, do I know how much the person to my right or left gets paid? For many, I would be willing to bet my salary that they don’t. That’s if you are a permanent employee! Having recently attended a contractors’ event hosted by Head Resourcing it was noticeable that this community of contract and freelance IT specialists had a good understanding of what they are worth in the market. Were they, shock horror, talking to each other?

With a quick search on the internet you can get a myriad of reasons why people don’t talk about salary; “it’s private and only my partner and I should know what I earn”, “I don’t want to be judged”, “it changes relationships with people”, “it’s in my contract to not discuss my salary with colleagues” – and the list goes on. All good reasons, of course, and as part of this society what can I say? They all sound pretty reasonable.

Yet, it’s important to know your worth in the workplace. I wouldn’t say that salary is the only driving factor in being in a job (that’s for another blog!) but it is a part of the mix. We all want to know that we are getting a fair wage for our day’s work, but to find out if we are or not we are going to have to do something that comes unnaturally to us – talk to each other about our salaries! Yes, you can find salary ranges for advertised skill sets, but does a C# or .NET developer get paid the same in the digital media industry compared with the same skill set in financial services? Are there regional differences, due to skill shortages or does a local economy like Aberdeen drive salaries higher?

Help us help you – take our salary survey

We are putting together a comprehensive salary study to answer all these questions, but we need your help. Hopefully you feel that you can talk to us, and you can rest assured that your individual information will be kept confidential.

Once we have completed this study we will publish a white paper focusing on salaries and skill sets that we will email you as soon as it’s finished. You’ll soon have a rough idea of what the person sitting to your right is being paid – far easier than breaking hundreds of years of cultural conditioning!

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Let’s talk about money.

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