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Neil’s Thailand World Cup debut.

Neil’s Thailand World Cup debut.

May 30, 2012

Head Resourcing’s Neil Irvine will be jetting off to Thailand this Thursday (31st May) as he will be representing Scotland in the Seniors World Cup, taking on ex-professional footballers from around the world and raising funds to help victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

Players taking part in the event firstly must be over 38 years old, and after a series of trials Neil made it into the final squad. At 46, Neil isn’t going to be the youngest player on the field, but he won’t be the oldest either. The Scotland squad consists of 8 players in the 38-43s, 8 in the 44-49s, and 7 in the over 50s, and with the high humidity ahead of them, along with temperatures expected to be in the 40s, the team have to make sure they are fit and ready to take on the opposition.

Competing in Scotland’s section are New Zealand, Australia and Iran, and Neil tells us that they are probably the teams they least wanted to compete with, though they welcome the challenge! Iran were last year’s champions, and eight of the team’s players have played in the World Cup, so the Scotland team will need to be at their very best. Thankfully Neil and his teammates will get the chance to warm up with a friendly on Saturday in Bangkok before the tournament kicks off on Monday the 4th of June. Their first game is against New Zealand, and the team need to set off to a winning start!

In between matches and training sessions, the players will also be coaching football in local schools and raising awareness to fundraise for the tsunami appeal. The team have also collected a number of football strips from Liverpool, Aberdeen, and other clubs, which will also be donated.

The Seniors World Cup will be held in the Thephasadin Stadium in Bangkok, and the event organisers expect around 15-20k spectators at each game. The popularity of football in Thailand has soared recently, and the Seniors World Cup is likely to gain a fair bit of attention over the next few weeks.

As part of Head Resourcing’s ongoing commitment to helping the wider community, the team wish Neil and his squad the very best of luck, and we all hope that they make it through to the finals.

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Neil’s Thailand World Cup debut.

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