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Preparation is key!

Preparation is key!

October 8, 2012

The 6th October 2012 saw the curtain come down on the Super League season within the Rugby League with Leeds Rhinos and Warrington Wolves taking place in the showpiece Grand Final at Old Trafford.

However, it was the buildup programme to the main event that really sparked my interest – we were given an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes throughout the course of a season in getting the teams ready to peak just at the right time.

The programme followed the journey into the lives of the conditioners, the men who are tasked with making sure that everything from hotel bookings, food and nutrition, and their overall fitness are taken care of to ensure that the team is fully prepared with the minimum amount of stress. The meticulous attention to detail showed that preparation is the key to success, and that in order to achieve our goals we shouldn’t neglect the little details that could ultimately be the deciding factor.

These lessons can also be applied throughout the recruitment process, particularly if you are aiming to secure a new role. This is your grand finale – securing that position is the piece of silverware, the holy grail, the achievement that shows you were the victor throughout that process.

The thing is, if you are leaving your preparation until you take to the field, or in this case, the meeting room, then in my opinion you are doomed to fail, I believe the old sporting quote in this situation is ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’.

My advice is to simply ensure that you have covered all of your bases before going into battle; work with your recruitment consultant from the start, review the job spec, match your skills and experience to it, highlight your areas of strength and weakness, as knowing both will allow you to handle situations and questions easier when faced with them.

The more effort that you spend on getting ready for your interview the greater chance you have of being successful throughout the process.

Check out the full guide we have prepared that you can use to ensure that you are fully prepared and have taken care of all the little details.

Remember, in any final there has to be a winner and a runner up, which one will you be?

Good luck!

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Preparation is key!

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