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What might be wrong with your CV.

What might be wrong with your CV.

October 25, 2012

By Ross Coverdale

In one of our earlier blogs, we touched on only applying for roles that you are actually suitable for (read here). However, even if you do follow this rule, you might find yourself sending in a lot of applications and not getting anywhere. If this sounds like you, it’s possible you need to assess why your CV might be getting overlooked.

First of all, it’s important to remember that most recruiters do not actually ‘read’ CVs. Recruiters will often have dozens of roles that they are working on at any given moment, and the easier you make it for them; the easier they will make it for you. If they are looking for a specific skill set or range of experience to fill an immediate role, you need to grab their attention and explain why you’re THE ideal candidate not only clearly, but quickly.

You might be a highly skilled individual with lots of experience that makes you an ideal candidate, but if you can’t communicate that within a few seconds you might be overlooked in favour of someone else who can.

It may be tempting to say that you are ‘hard working’, ‘experienced’, and that you can work on your own initiative, but let’s face it – so are lots of other people. Avoid vague statements, and concentrate on the key skills you have, the kinds of projects you have primarily worked on, and if it makes sense to, throw in some top-line achievements to really grab the reader’s attention. These things will show why you’re an ideal candidate by giving an impression of what you will bring to the table.

You can also use this practice when it comes to describing your experience on your LinkedIn profile summary – have a read of our ‘Five LinkedIn tips for candidates’ blog for more LinkedIn advice.

What if you’re still overlooked for a role?

One thing you’ll have to accept when it comes to job applications is that even though you might fit the bill, sometimes you’ll be pipped to the post. However, good recruiters will open a dialogue with good candidates, keeping them in mind for future roles. So, it’s definitely important to try to make a great impression that will last.

Want more CV advice? Take a look at our CV template or give us a call.

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What might be wrong with your CV.

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Morgan Jones says:

2013-04-15 16:19:55

Dear Ross,

A very informative post, which would be an invaluable reference tool for someone looking to create from scratch or revamp their resume. First impressions are so important when looking for employment, and often, the resume is the first thing an employer will see. So it’s important you stand out from the get go. Great work, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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